Chapters from Piddler on the Hoof
by S.I. Fishgal
  The Jewish-Russian Shepherd Dog | Chp. 18. Jack Abrahamovich the Jewish Shepherd Dog | Chp. 20. Putz Ivanovich the Russian Shepherd Dog | Where to Buy Piddler on the Hoof by S.I. Fishgal  

A Damn Good Novel By S.I. Fishgal
PublishAmerica Inc - 2002
ISBN: 1-59129-435-5

A towering French dame totally ignores the law and environment, cheerfully smokes the sky and personifies the USA. A little Belgian schmendrick holds the same disregard, joyfully piddles the downtown and personifies the European Union. This novel's piddler personifies nobody and tactfully says nothing about Brussels' pee drinkers.
History knows no shortest, most horrible and intense schlock than the Kursk Battle -- all bloodbaths' little-known schlepp mother that saved Yanks and Britons in Italy.
1941. Fuhrer teaches geography to Roma, three. His dad, the Red Army's lieutenant, saves him from Kiev's noted 36-hour slaughter orgy of Jews. The boy grows up in Dad's Rearguard advancing from Kursk to Germany. His emotional awakening, family members' escapades and sexcapades, derisive living truth, eccentricity and idioms trigger smiles, thrills and bittersweet tears. Atrocities make just a waning setting in this sweeping, witty and passionate novel knocking the socks off unless readers wear pantyhose.

With hundreds of publications in leading countries, S.I. Fishgal could refer to numerous WHO'S WHOs. As a gentleman, he does not. Readers sniff out anyhow -- a bit touched soul bares itself (souls have no sex) and spills the guts in this potent, rich, vivid, fascinating, stimulating and teasing novel.
1. If Mr. God Had A Clear Conscience,
2. Fiddler on the Roof
3. Frieda's Choice
4. Fie in the Sky, Manna from Heaven, Tsob and Tsobe
5. The Jewish Volksdeutsche
6. Crimeless Punishments, Unpunished Crimes and Babi Yar Bloodbath
7. Mein Krampf
8. In a Dead Horse's Harness
9. All Things in the World are Feces... Except Urine
10. Piddler on the Roof
11. Fiddles on the Hoof
12. Pavlovian Ass in the Rearguard's Vanguard
13. Backwater Turns to Front-Water Hell
14. Parasitic Nobody's Dead Horse
15. The Babi Yar Key
16. The Lost Generation and the Found Sheep
17. Blitz Fritz
18. Jack Abrahamovich the Jewish Shepherd Dog
19. The Jewish Nation's Shame
20. Putz Ivanovich the Russian Shepherd Dog
21. Hannibals, Cannibals, Pigs and Feeders on the Hoof
22. Coming Home to Roust

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